Local Produce

Supporting the Local Community

The Store is proud to support local farmers and businesses by selling local organic food, including local wines and beers, ice cream, salsa and chips, as well as other specialty products produced right here in Skagit and Island counties. Offering locally produced products allows us to live up to the commitment of our triple bottom line philosophy of economic, environmental, and community responsibility. By supporting our local community, we help to reduce the environmental impact of product transportation all the while providing our customers with the option of specialty items that are produced within 150 miles of our store. Here are a few highlights of our local products.

The Bread Dip Company

The exciting gourmet Bread Dips! These are Mom’s favorite recipes and what she called her “entertaining essentials.”  The Bread Dip Company originated on the beautiful island of San Juan in the Pacific Northwest.





Aldrich Farms

Aldrich Farms is a small family farm located in Bellingham, Washington. Since our start, making jelly out of the fruit from a few backyard berry bushes, our goal has always been to make the highest quality gourmet jellies and jams available.





Mr. Mobley’s Tahini Sauces

Mr. Mobley’s Tahini Sauce is a versatile tpping and marinade.  The ingredient blend compliments a wide variety of delicious foods from rice and veetables, and stir fry dishes to elaborate cusine.  Nourishing sauces that satisfy the tastes of children and adults alike




Lopez Island Creamery

Lopez Island Creamery uses locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Our cream comes from cows raised in the Pacific Northwest, and our berries are from the nearby Skagit Valley.  Experience the smooth, fresh richness of one of the finest treats you’ll ever taste.




Skagits Best Salsa Co.

Skagits Best Salsa is made in a certified kitchen with fresh produce bought locally and everything is hand chopped and prepared by the owners with the help of family members.  Though we are small and just getting started, we will not lose our family connection with our clients or suppliers.




San Juan Salsa Co.

Today, the four partners of San Juan Salsa Co. continue to prepare top quality, freshly made salsas from our kitchen in Arlington, WA.  Salsas that are delicious, nutritious and delivered fresh to your local grocers.  As always, our Salsas and Tortilla Chips are All Natural, Gluten Free and contain No Trans Fats.



Snoqualmie Brewery

Our beer is beer for beer lovers! At Snoqualmie Brewery we are passionate in our quest to make the best beer on the planet. We will never settle for joining the oceans of average beer. Our mission is to produce a wide range of premium year round, seasonal beers and just for fun, we brew Brewer’s Choice beers at Rande’s whim!




Elysian Brewery

From our very first day, when we poured the beers of each of the breweries we had all worked at in the past alongside our own beer, Elysian has honored the efforts of other brewers and brewing cultures. Uniquely among brewpubs, we have even offered rare German and Belgian beers at our own taps.




Lopez Island Vineyards

We at Lopez Island Vineyards have selected grapes that are matched to our growing climate. These come from similar regions of northern Europe. These grapes are only grown here in the northwest corner of North America and would not be suited to hotter regions. We feel they have found perfect growing conditions here on Lopez Island.

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