The Best From Around the World

A happy customer showing off our wonderful wine selection.

The Wine Shop

Since 1990 we’ve been proud to offer a friendly, knowledgeable staff accompanied with the world’s finest wines, great service and very competitive prices. We offer hundreds of hand selected wines guaranteed to entice and excite. Great care is taken in selecting our inventory to help ensure that each bottle you enjoy will make the moment a memorable one

Our Philosophy

It’s very simple. We search for the world’s best wines and offer them at the best prices possible. Our selection is extensive and eclectic. Frank searches for wines not found on the shelves of the big box stores, preferring instead to focus on small production wineries.

Our Wines

We offer outstanding wines from across the globe including:

Spain, Argentina and Chile wines.

  • The NorthWest. Washington, Oregon and The Okanagan.
  • France… Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone Valley, Champagne, and more!
  • California… Napa Valley, Central Coast, Lodi and Sierra Foothills.
  • A comprehensive collection of fine Italian wines.
  • Fine wines from Germany and Austria .
  • The very best wines from Spain, Argentina and Chile.
  • A good selection from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
  • In addition we also order select and vintage wines for individuals and collectors.

Why Shop With Us

When it comes to selection and prices we can’t be beat.  We offer highly rated wines from around the world. Additionally, we take the time to seek out little known wines from small production wineries and find unmatched values for our customers.

Frank and Priscilla hosting a wine tasting.

Wine Tastings

Our in store wine shop sponsors tastings, sharing our love for wine with you!  We feature wines from all regions and have a theme for each tasting. Frank is the local wine expert and is accompanied by a distributors representative familiar with the wines being presented.  For an up to date schedule and pricing see our events page “HERE”

Wine tasting is a very subjective experience and there are many nuances that are particular to each variety of wine.  To help enhance the wine tasting experience you might want to visit this “Link” for study. The wine tasting experience is totally dependant on your personal likes and dislikes. Our wine tasting venue presents you with the opportunity to sample 8 wines. Ultimately, what tastes “Right” to you is what is “Right”…no snobbery here!

In addition to the wines we also feature local and international cheeses, breads from our bakery and other delights served as accompaniment. Please come and enjoy.

Follow this “Link” if you would like to be on The Store’s Wine Tasting Mailing List.

Frank’s thoughts on Collecting and Aging

Quite often your purchase won’t live to see another day. And that’s okay! Most wines are consumed shortly after you buy them. Better wine (not necessarily more expensive) will benefit from a little bottle aging, and most Italian and French reds, as well as some California and Aussie reds usually require it to show their best. And it’s during this stage that you reflect on just how and with whom you are going to enjoy the wine; what food, what occasion, what other wines and which friends. This is the rational behind wine collecting. Some would even argue that this is the most enjoyable aspect.

Regardless of your wine needs, you’ve come to the right place. You can feel confident in our experience and judgment when deciding on which Wines to choose.

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