A Difference You Can Taste

Freshly Roasted Coffee

Custom Roasted Coffees

We also have approximately 11 varieties of Roasted Coffee Beans to choose from. We’ve spent over five years perfecting our signature roasting style. As flavor varies from coffee to coffee, so does each coffee bean’s optimum roast. Our small-batch hot air roaster allows us to pay careful attention to the idiosyncrasies of each different coffee during the roasting process and thus produce the most consistent roasts possible. Our staff attends to every batch of coffee beans to ensure the utmost accuracy and quality. Furthermore, our coffee is stored and packaged in optimum conditions to guarantee that you receive the freshest coffee available. What a great gift for coffee loving friends or family. In short, from start to finish, each bag of The Store Roasted Coffee receives careful, personal attention, and we’re sure you’ll taste the difference. Thanks, and happy brewing.

The Espresso Bar…

serves the freshest, highest grade coffees available in the world. All Espresso bar coffee’s are roasted on site, using only certified organic, shade grown, fair market green coffee beans.

You will find all your favorite coffee drinks at The Espresso Bar at The Store . Our espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas are the finest you’ll find anywhere. In addition to our extraordinary coffees, we serve tea, pastries,  muffins, and cookies baked in our on site bakery.

The Store in Anacortes
919 37th Street
Anacortes, WA 98221