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Best goodies; especially anything involving

Best goodies; especially anything involving cinnamon. finding this gem a few years ago was the best discovery in all my travels. Thanks for the gift!
Dave Ney Port Alberni BC

Dave Ney

Wake me up!Thank you for

Wake me up!

Thank you for the delicious bread. Makes me smile with each bite.

Celyse Young

It’s been too long since

It’s been too long since I was last able to indulge in these marvelous muffins. The pandemic forced us to stay home in Canada for the last two years, but not this year!! Glad to hear
The Store is still open, I am already dreaming of which muffins I hope are available when I arrive! Can’t wait, I’ll have to buy extras to make up for the years I missed.

Liz Frederick

I can’t get enough of

I can’t get enough of the coconut macaroons. Oh MY Goodness! And the muffins…yumm!

Mary Ann

You can count on this

You can count on this store for fresh, wholesome, delicious baked goods and their cafe fare is wonderful. My friend and I come to the area once per year and it is imperative for us to stop and enjoy. There is a good selection of wines and grocery items. We are thankful for you being there and hope you find continued success.

Sharon Takacs



I drive from south Everett for no reason other than I want a muffin. It is ALWAYS worth the trip.

Just saw a post today that they now have a S’mores muffin… You know what I am doing Sunday morning before work?!

Nettie Dwor

I was fortunate that one

I was fortunate that one of my son’s friends gifted me a Strawberry/Rubarb muffin. It was the most moist delicious muffin I have ever had in my life. I thought my muffins were good but NO! I wished you shipped since I live in Bothell/Woodinville

Ellen Caldwell

Absolutely the most delicious muffins

Absolutely the most delicious muffins in the Pacific Northwest!!!

Victoria Lynn Head

We are going to be

We are going to be going there for the first time this weekend. Have heard such wonderful stories, we can hardly wait to try them all!

Sharon Robles

Holy Moly! I am

Holy Moly! I am not sure which is better; the bakery or the wine selection. So get both when you go, I do:)

Anne Sano

A muffin and Americano is

A muffin and Americano is a must for us whenever we are in Anacortes. The variety of muffins offered is incredible and the staff is amazing. Feels like our own version of the TV show “Cheers”.

David Eastwood

BEST Muffins Ever! We visit

BEST Muffins Ever! We visit the area frequently and a trip to The Store for muffins is becoming a tradition for sure. We love this quaint general store/eatery.

Kenny & April Johnson

A trip to Anacortes is

A trip to Anacortes is incomplete with out a stop at The Store. Cannot say enough good things about the store and wish I lived closer for ther muffins. They’ve made low fat muffins that were to die for. YUMMY! YUMMY! YUMMY!

Ginger Hake

This place is as close to perfection

This place is as close to “perfect/convenience” location, selection, so nice. One of the last places that you feel welcome, please don’t go “commercial”.


I’ve been living in the neighborhood

I’ve been living in the neighborhood for several weeks now. Having “ The Store “ within a short walking distance from my home is a delight. Upon every visit, the very considerate staff always make me feel welcome, and every hand made item I’ve purchased has been a reflection of the caring nature of everyone who’s employed there. The Store makes living in Anacortes more enjoyable. I couldn’t imagine living here without you all. Lots of Love.
Shane ( the guy down the street)

Shane Brewster

Marvelous Muffins

Marvelous Muffins
I have come to Anacortes during tulip fest for the past three years. On our first trip your Store was recommended as a must-have stop. So, we did. We were not disappointed. The muffins are simply delicious and the variety offered makes it hard to choose. This year we travelled with two other couples and I said The Store was a definite stop. So there are now four more people that will stop in when they are in the neighbourhood. I won’t be in Anacortes until April next year and I can hardly wait for my muffin fix. I recommend that you stop here when you’re nearby but come early. You don’t want to miss any of the great choices. Enjoy

Liz Frederick

Stopped by The Store

Stopped by to see our cousin Jeff who works there and was pleasantly surprised by The Store. It is absolutely adorable and the muffin I got was to die for (Rasberry white chocolate). The selection was amazing. I was torn between this and the coconut muffin. I live in California and there is nothing like it here. It’s a real gem I would highly recommend 🙂

Judy Floyd Ingram

Found by accident the best

We found The Store by accident. It definitely has the best muffins. Stopped there on the way to the islands and on the way back. Ate mine without sharing.

Michael leiner

In Maryland without your muffins!

I don’t know how we’ll survive in Maryland without your muffins!  They’ve been a staple for our Sunday mornings for the last three years!  So very yummy!

Allison Corbett

Wonderful muffins and friendly faces!

Your wonderful muffins and friendly faces are a perfect start for any day.

Suzie & Nick

Thanks for your wonderful muffins

Thanks for your wonderful muffins. – The Bests / Portalnd, OR

The Bests

The baked goods are so beautiful

The baked goods are so beautiful and the flavor is amazing. I love it. Everyone should at least try The Store once! ’cause you will definitely want to go back a second time!

Bobbi Fey

A muffin stop is a requirement.

I live here, but I am not allowed to leave town when travelling to my sisters in Oregon or my Mothers in Eastern Washington without stopping here first.  My family and friends love your muffins and so do I.  Thank you.

John Anderson

The Store in Anacortes
919 37th Street
Anacortes, WA 98221