Personal Sommelier Service


Imagine having the world’s best wines, tailored to your exact preferences, delivered to your door each month for one surprisingly low price. Check out the benefits of The Store at Anacortes Personal Sommelier Service…

  • You pick the wine grape varieties you’d like to get each month.
  • Tailor your subscriptions to specific regions of the world, or leave it open to discover new things from all over the globe.
  • Set the number of bottles you want each month, along with the price range for those bottles.
  • Create multiple subscriptions to best match your buying preferences. For example, maybe you want Pinot Noir from California, Oregon and Burgundy for $30 to $50 per bottle, and Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, Loire Valley and Bordeaux for $10 to $20 per bottle. You can create two different subscriptions and get both!
  • Special Bonus – all members of the Personal Sommelier Service get access to the special club pricing on other wine-of-the-month club wines!
  • Anything you’ve purchased in the past within your Store at Anacortes account will be automatically excluded – we’re not going to send you things you’ve already purchased in the past as part of this service.

We search the world for exceptional wines to offer to our customers. Wines we select go through a strict selection process involving our buyers and tasting panels. We take the gamble out of buying wines.

We search the world for exceptional wines to offer to our members of the Premium Wine Club.

Member Benefits

Think about the advantages of trying some of the finest wines that the world has to offer, for much less than their normal price. This kind of variety is something that winery wine clubs can’t match. And our special prices will only be available to our members. If you want to reorder the monthly selections, you will realize a substantial savings off of our already low single-bottle prices.

We will also provide you with a comprehensive review of the wines, including background information on the wineries and their regions and detailed tasting notes from our expert staff.

How to Sign Up

Now there is no reason to miss out on the great finds of our professional buyers. Each month you as a member will automatically get access to these gems. You can also arrange to give a gift membership to a friend or business associate. You can specify the length of time of the gift membership. There is a three month minimum membership, but you may cancel your membership at any time after the first three months.

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